Many years ago farmers did everything on their own without the use of machinery. But the rise in demands and lack of time has made it difficult for farmers to keep up. Machinery is a wise solution for many problems in farming. Most people argue that the use of machinery in farming has created unemployment and is a form of destruction but machinery has created numerous advantages to the farming industry and in fact it has increased employment level and allowed farmers to earn higher profits. Here are some advantages of the use of machinery in farming.


The use of quality farming machinery has increased efficiency. There are also modern management tools like controlled traffic farming which is a system to reduce the damage to the soil caused by heavy machinery. Machinery is an efficient method because farmers can use quality machinery to do the work incapable of being done by humans. Not all machinery can be judged by it’s quality because some machinery may be found productive despite its low cost. Purchasing expensive machinery must be treated as an investment rather than a cost because it will serve its purpose for a long period of time.


Although humans are capable of doing everything involved in farming, the use of machinery such as John Deere 7760 and other tractors can make the process faster. Especially due to the constant rise in demands in the agricultural industry, farmers must use machinery to meet such demands. Labourers may not be able to continue working for long periods of time and will soon feel exhausted whereas quality machinery is capable of completing tasks according to the necessity of the farmer.

Cost Savings

Purchasing machinery may be a costly investment but it ensures a generous profit. Whereas labourers must be paid continuously no matter the productivity and efficiency. In the case of labourers, the farmer must deal with training costs, absenteeism and hiring costs. Considering all these machinery is a cost effective solution.


Machinery can be transported from one place to another without any issues in mobility. But that isn’t the case with labourers who aren’t as mobile as machines.


Farmers may require the use of machinery when carrying out heavy work which they are unable to perform. This doesn’t mean that labour is completely replaced by the machinery but it acts as an aid. The same applies to tasks that require utmost delicacy which humans are incapable of doing within a short period of time. Therefore the use of machinery is necessary in order to meet growing demands and remain in the industry.