Home gardening has a range of benefits to the environment as well as the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. Through the process of photosynthesis plants increase the production of oxygen and gives both human and animals a large supply of clean air to breath. Home gardening is a form of exercise which helps reduce weight and makes a person active. Gardening also helps a person relax and reduces stress as well as the blood pressure. It is a great way to prevent cholesterol and depression. Cleaning and maintaining the garden requires hard work and time but spring cleaning is a tough process. Here are some ways to make it easy for you.

Remove Debris and Clean up

The first step for spring cleaning is to get rid of all the fallen trees and broken branches caused by the winter snow. These damages not only make your garden look ugly but it is unhealthy for the garden as it may cause diseases and fungus if left without maintenance. Remove all the dead plants and stems to plant new vegetables and flowers in the garden. Also do not forget to remove the mulch and other winter protection you did in
autumn. Skip bin hire Bankstown is an easy way to get rid of all the debris and waste you will collect during the spring clean up.

Rake the Lawn

Start raking when the temperature gets warmer and you are certain that the soil isn’t wet. Because raking when the soil is wet can damage the soil and mess up the growth of new plants. Although leaves may serve as composts for your garden too many leaves will block the reach of the sunlight. Rake the yards and the beds to avoid build up and the spreading of diseases. Dump it all in skip bins in Western Sydney and get your lawn ready for replanting.

Prune the Plants

Some trees must be trimmed to get rid of the winter damages on the branches of trees. Prune the bushes and plants to enhance the growth of the new plants and also to prevent diseases. But make sure you are aware of the types of plants you are pruning because some plants are sensitive and needs to be pruned after blossoming.

Clean up the Porch

It is not only the garden that needs cleaning but also the patio and porch. Make sure to thoroughly wash the outdoor furniture and sweep away all the leaves and branches in the corners of the porch.